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I am a javascript expert with a game development background. I love working with great people on awesome projects. Projects I have built range from Hot Dog Stands to Hyperlocal Social Networks to Social Experiments Disguised as Woodchopping Simulators. Drop me a line sometime if you want to work together.
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Educational mobile word game
Word Snack was created by the Interdisciplinary Game Studio class during Fall 2014 at Hampshire College. I produced the team of 9 programmers and coordinated with the art, sound, and game design producers to realize a complete product.



A role playing game starring 8 real people
The purpose of this game was to get all of Hampshire College to participate and coordinate different goals with each other. 8 students at Hampshire College were given digital avatars and everyone else was allowed to vote on them.

These 8 avatars were put into a fantasy story where they were the heroes. The individuals behind the 8 characters got to submit a form decide what their avatars would do.

Once each of the characters decided on an action, a new chapter was written based on all of their actions. The success of their actions was based on how many votes they had at the time the chapter was written.

Developer, Designer, Concept, Artist, Writer

A competitive ideas board for Hampshire College
I wanted to provide a platform for the brainstorming, sharing, and inspiring of entrepreneurial ideas. Directly, this project is meant to inspire students in the Hampshire College community to come up with business ideas and start them. There was a lack of submissions to the School's Seed Fund for Innovation the semester prior and HampIdeas is meant to change that.

The students with the highest votes got awarded with Hampshire Colleges Creative Idea Award and a beautiful bell trophy.

Developer, Designer, Concept

A hyperlocal chatroulette

The Zombledon was a place where students could find other bored students and entertain each other using their computers webcams. I wanted it to become a place where the students could meet each other, pull pranks, weird each other out, and find their friends.

Developer, Designer, Concept

All your local web in one place
Habbitat allows you to share and do funs things with people in your community. It has built in meme boards, anonymous options, an event system, and even a geo-fenced chatroulette.

Habbitat's branding was meant to be a blank slate, and give light to the type of services people created within the website. Users have an option to open up their own "boards" where they can choose the type of content users can submit and how it is displayed. They can give their boards their own logos and names and it can be scaled to multiple Habbitats

Each Habbitat is for a different local community, and each community has its own home page where all of its boards are aggregated into one feed.

Developer, Designer, Concept

A crowdsourced task manager to save the earth!

DewIt is a place for people who just have a few minutes or hours free in their day and want to do something to help the environment. Anyone can post a task and tell everyone how much time it would take to complete. Whenever someone checks off that they did a task, it adds to the total points of whatever goal the task was associated with

Developer, Designer, Concept

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