Educational mobile word game
Word Snack was created by the Interdisciplinary Game Studio class during Fall 2014 at Hampshire College. I produced the team of 9 programmers and coordinated with the art, sound, and game design producers to realize a complete product.



A 2d game engine for time-oriented games like Majoras Mask
Clox Game Engine allows you to create characters, create timed paths for them, trigger dialogues, and trigger events within a controlled customizeable timed schedule. You can also edit the characters dialogues in the editor

It also includes a full grid-based map editor. The editor allows you to change the collisions and images for each block. The physics are built from scratch.


Clone Chase
Hampshire College Game Jam 2014
This is a local two player game where White is chasing Blue, but Blue can clone itself! Where is the true blue?

Made in 3 Hours

Game Designer, Developer

U of I Game
Why has the administration banned access to the morrow plots?
Play as a new U of I Student as you find love, battle evil, eat Mans Best Friend Hot Dogs, party hard, and discover the mystery of the morrow plots.

Game Designer, Developer, Artist

Global Game Jam 2014 Entry
Everything is a story that follows a man throughout his entire life. Things that are light up are what are important to him at that time. Move him forward and backwards as his sad life story unfolds.

Made in 24 Hours

Game Designer, Developer, Artist

Global Game Jam 2015 Entry
Fishish is an online multiplayer game where one player cannot see in front of them, but is the only player that can move the fish. The second player must relay certain pieces of information to the first player so they can move the fish and avoid getting eaten by the sharks.

Made in 24 Hours

Text-based Hampshire College adventure
This game was built for a job application and is built using inform7 which is a programming environment that uses a natural language based programming language.

Writer, Developer

Sput Climber
Can you save the smoothie princess?
Sput Climber is a game that I tried to make as confusing as possible, but still fun and playable. You play as Milkshak who must save the smoothie princess before time runs out!

Game Designer, Developer, Audio

A role playing game starring 8 real people
The purpose of this game was to get all of Hampshire College to participate and coordinate different goals with each other. 8 students at Hampshire College were given digital avatars and everyone else was allowed to vote on them.

These 8 avatars were put into a fantasy story where they were the heroes. The individuals behind the 8 characters got to submit a form decide what their avatars would do.

Once each of the characters decided on an action, a new chapter was written based on all of their actions. The success of their actions was based on how many votes they had at the time the chapter was written.

Developer, Designer, Concept, Artist, Writer