MBF Hot Dogs
Experimental Hot Dog Stand
I took a semester off school to stard a Hot Dog Stand at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. We released multiple video games to market our stand and ended up making the news on the Front Page of Reddit, and in publications nationwide.


Bens Carts

Daily Illini

Hampshire Campus-Wide Treasure Hunt
I was the Project Manager for a campus-wide treasure hunt. I managed 30 students to create puzzles, plan locations, advertise, and decorate the hunt. The hunt was very successful! We had ~120 students participate in a student body of 1,400.

Quidditch League
A community muggle quidditch league of over 10 teams in the Homewood-Flossmoor Community.
Games were held every weekend in Fall 2009. At the end of the season, there was a tournament with over 12 teams such as the Hide And Seekers. The snitch is not a ball in this game, it is a person dressed in gold with a sock on their back. The snitch is allowed to run all over campus and if any of the seekers catch it, they get 50 points and the game ends. Besides that, there are beaters who sort of play dodgeball and chasers who try to score into their hoops. The HF Quidditch league was a huge success and had a story written about it by Mash, a subsection of the Chicago Tribune.

Friendship Cards
Buisiness cards without all the "buisiness"
This was a fun side project of mine for a few years. Friendship Cards are cards that you give to someone you just met so that you can stay in contact! It's got your number and your Facebook name on there so they can reach you.

WHFH 88.5FM #1 Most listened to radio show where Pokemon meets the real world.
I engineered and hosted a radio show called PokeTalk on WHFH 88.5FM.

--> Jason Carrot
An AI Twitter robot who loves to party
I programmed Jason Carrot using Processing for a class called Programming Creativity. He interacted with the Twitter API and tweeted different tweets during different times of day. Sometimes he would be at school, sometimes he would be out on the town. He was also known to get drunk sometimes...