A commercial for Nerf Rebelle and the Legend of Korra Finale
I was a production assistant on this action-packed commercial on Nerfs new product, The Rebelle.

A silent 16MM Film
This video is supposed to represent a man going through 4 stages of grief after losing someone. I made it for Film 220 at UWM.

Director, Editor, DP, Writer
An anime convention in the midwest
I shot and edited promotional videos for AnimeWorld Chicago and Indianapolis.

Editor, Videographer, Writer
Climax TV
Video News for Hampshire College
I created a video addition to the campus newspaper, The Climax. I did everything from covering social events to investigatory journalism

Editor, Videographer, Writer
Daily News show for Homewood Flossmoor High School
I was the Creative and Technical Director for VTV. I managed teams of 3 or more students to create video features and news for the daily broadcast to 3,000 students. I directed all the students creatively and technically to create Word of the Week and News and Entertainment Features. I was a producer of Senior Edition, an annual feature length comedy video.

Producer, Effects, Editor, Videographer, Writer
Life In a Box
Advanced Television & Film Production at Columbia University
This is a film about a sad boy doing going through some wierd problems in his life. My cat is my co-star, she should have won an award.

Editor, Videographer, Writer, Actor